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Different seasons, cycling clothing manufacturers tell you how to choose suitable cycling clothing

2022-02-07 09:48:47

When riding mountain bikes outdoors, wearing long-sleeved cycling clothing in summer or autumn can protect from the sun and also protect against cold; while wearing composite cycling clothing in winter has the effect of windproof, breathable and warm. The competition is a fierce competition of athletes' speed, endurance and skills, as well as a competition of high-tech riding equipment. The determination of the style of the riding uniform and the matching of colors have been carefully considered, and the selection and development of functional fabrics are the key to the design. cycling wear

From an angle, cycling clothing is roughly divided into three categories: cycling underwear, road cycling clothing and cycling jackets. From the type, it can be divided into: men's cycling clothing, women's cycling clothing and cycling accessories. Cycling accessories can also be divided into cycling gloves, cycling sleeves, cycling caps, cycling shoes and cycling windbreakers. Because cycling underwear is worn close to the body, the comfort of the fabric is very high. When the weather is cold, polyester fabrics with good thermal insulation, breathability and thermal insulation are usually used; when the weather is hot, light fabrics with perspiration, breathability, easy washing and quick drying become the choice. Comfort and added some details.

When the weather is cold, cycling jackets need to choose fabrics with good perspiration, breathability, and warmth retention, usually with fleece on the back. The stretchy Lycra fabric hugs the skin, reducing friction between the legs and the pant, preventing inner thigh chafing. Due to the great danger when riding on the road, the night riding clothes have reflective signs. The reflective materials and reflective characters are not decorations, but the design of "night vision discrimination" for riding sports equipment!


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