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Why are the custom-made styles of sportswear relatively simple?

2022-02-07 09:31:32

Why are the custom-made styles of sportswear relatively simple? This is true both in color and style. what reason? Today, let's answer this question. cycling wear

We shopped for clothes on the street and the sportswear store was beautiful, full of beautiful styles and colors. In addition, there are more designs for different sports zones, even the styles of sports, different times, and different people have changed, but why is the production design of sportswear manufacturers so simple?

In fact, these differences are mainly caused by the use of clothing and different consumer groups, mainly the casual wear and sportswear you buy in the physical store. The consumer may be a single person, while sportswear is mainly the choice of multiple groups. For team training, outdoor development or sportswear, consumer groups, units or schools, etc. Club sportswear phone.

Team clothing is simple and elegant, so the style should be simple, maintain the overall beauty of the clothing, remove some complicated accessories, and try to choose a single color, so as not to give people a dazzling feeling.

Great workout clothes for sports lovers!

Product development is based on extensive scientific research to ensure that sports are more comfortable. At the same time, we firmly believe that the combination of technology and human sensibility can produce good quality, so that you can buy comfortably and wear it with confidence.


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