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Why wear cycling clothes when riding? Understand the importance of cycling clothing

2021-11-11 07:57:09


Cycling clothing is no stranger to everyone. Cycling clothing is the exclusive clothing when riding a bicycle. Some people think that wearing cycling clothing is to show that they are better. In fact, this is not the case. It is not wearing cycling clothing. .

Why wear cycling clothes

Many people think this way, a set of clothing suitable for sports will also be suitable for cycling, so why waste it and buy a piece of clothing specially designed for cycling.

Since it is "specialized in the art industry", then cycling naturally has its own clothing, and cycling clothing naturally has its own distinctiveness. Cycling clothing is designed according to the needs of cycling.


The difference in cycling clothes

Compared with daily clothes, the hem of the riding Su will be longer, because when riding, the posture of the body is always in a down state, and the swing of the legs will easily cause the clothes to shrink up. , which leads to the back, so the long hem of the jersey is to prevent the back when exercising.

The back design of the cycling suit is relatively unique, and the general sportswear does not have it, because the rider needs a lot of supplies when riding, but the backpack cannot be opened every time when riding, and the backpack It is also not allowed to be taken during the game.

Therefore, several storage pockets are specially designed on the back of the cycling suit, so that when the rider is carrying the supplies, it is easy to take and reach. Generally, there are three pockets, the middle one is larger, and some energy bars, Compressed biscuits, etc., and liquid supplements can be placed next to them.

Cycling clothing is also ingenious when it is cut. The three-dimensional cutting is used for cycling clothing, because when riding, it is basically outdoors, and the wind resistance is relatively large. If the wind resistance is large, it will affect the rider's physical strength.

Therefore, the design of the cycling clothing should not be loose. In order to reduce its own wind resistance, the cycling clothing adopts three-dimensional cutting. In order to keep close to the body and reduce the wind resistance caused by riding, it greatly saves the rider's physical strength. , and also reduces the power consumption of the cyclist.

The material of the jersey

Cycling clothing is generally made of more breathable materials, so cycling clothing is often made of artificial fibers or natural fibers. Generally, artificial fibers are used. Because the resources of Tianre fibers are limited, artificial fibers are currently widely used in cycling. raw materials.

There is a specialization in the surgery industry. Therefore, all riders should try to wear their own riding clothes when riding, because the riding clothes are not for the comfort of riding, but also greatly save their physical strength and energy. Have a better riding experience.


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