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It is very important to understand the version of the bicycle jersey

2022-02-07 09:35:59

Cycling clothing refers to sports clothing for riding bicycles or motorcycles. Cycling clothing can be classified in a variety of ways, which can be classified according to seasons, fabrics, styles, and production processes. off-road wear

Cycling is a fashionable sport for ordinary cycling enthusiasts. For cycling competitions, it is a fierce competition of speed, endurance and skills, and it is also a competition between bicycles and riding equipment. Among the cycling equipment, the most important thing is the cycling clothing. It determines the performance of the entire riding comfort and sport level.

Everyone wants to be unique, everyone wants to be different, the more distinctive or something is, the more attention and love from everyone; to create what they want or something else for customers, customers also I am very happy to have what I have dreamed of. Cycling clothing is a kind of fashion that conforms to the trend of the times.

The version of the cycling jersey is very critical, either like a watermelon or a watermelon. Therefore, the choice of cycling clothing and cycling clothing has considerable research in terms of version. Very detailed. Cycling clothing is classified according to the version, which can be divided into tight and sports. Skinny cycling jerseys, such as Zilei International's skinny cycling jerseys, this version of theirs is specially made for cyclists. A tight-fitting cycling jersey that hugs the athlete's body. Control the resistance of the athlete during the competition to the smallest range.

Cycling competition is a fierce competition of athletes' speed, endurance and skills, as well as a competition of high-tech riding equipment. The determination of the style and color matching of bicycle riding uniforms have been carefully considered, and the selection and development of functional fabrics is the key to the design. From an angle, cycling clothing is roughly divided into three categories: cycling underwear, road cycling clothing and cycling jackets. In terms of type, it can be divided into: men's cycling clothing, women's cycling clothing and cycling accessories. Cycling accessories can also be divided into cycling gloves, cycling sleeves, cycling caps, cycling shoes and cycling accessories. windbreaker.


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