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Learn about some of the problems with cycling clothing

2022-02-07 09:33:02

Cycling has been popular for a long time. Spinning bikes in the gym, indoor cycling, and participating in an outdoor cycling fully demonstrate that cycling is a very beneficial activity for the body and mind. This Chinese exercise method is well-known and well-known. Recognition, and the threshold is also very low, there is no high technical content. Motorcycle clothing processing

When I first started cycling, I thought it was easy to ride a bicycle. You can move forward by pedaling. With the gradual understanding of bicycles, bicycle riding is really a knowledge, such as simple riding clothes, which have only become popular in the past few years. Cycling clothing is not for the crowd, nor is it exclusive to professional riders. Cycling clothing is a special clothing for cycling.

During cycling, it is very important to reduce the wind resistance. When the clothes are driving, it will consume a lot of physical strength; the poor air permeability of the clothes will cause the body heat to dissipate slowly, causing discomfort; it is not suitable for wearing fat trousers to avoid the trouser legs getting dirty Or twist into the crankset; wear camp shoes, try to prevent the laces from flying around, and avoid twisting into the crankset.


People usually think that cotton clothing is more comfortable to wear, and cotton clothing is more absorbent, but cotton clothing has a very poor perspiration effect, and the clothing is soaked with sweat. In addition to being uncomfortable, the skin is also very prone to inflammation. So even for cycling clothes, please choose a top with quick-drying fabric, it will make you more comfortable.

Usually the jersey is brightly colored, which improves the visibility while also improving the degree. In addition to the use of quick-drying fabrics, the cycling jackets are comfortable to wear, and also increase the coefficient of reflective strips. In addition to being longer to prevent running out of light, there are three pockets on the back of the cycling jacket, which solves the problem of storing personal belongings.

Cycling pants are not ordinary pants. They are tight-fitting to reduce wind resistance; wrapping can relieve leg fatigue; padding can reduce the pain caused by the contact of the saddle on the hips. Cycling pants are also the focus of the whole set of cycling clothes, and once a friend who has used cycling pants will be inseparable from him. As a reminder, you don't need to wear cycling pants.

Cycling clothes are functional clothing, and there are some disadvantages. Quick-drying clothes are not so comfortable to wear when the air flow is relatively poor; the padding of cycling pants is sometimes not so breathable. It will be more comfortable to ride with riding clothes on the ride. Usually, everyone ignores the fly in the ointment of riding clothes.


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