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How to choose a good and suitable cycling jersey

2022-02-07 09:46:06

The role of cycling clothing in cycling is still very important, especially for long-distance riding. Choosing a suitable set of cycling clothing will be much more comfortable during cycling, because cycling clothing can get smaller size. better wind resistance and better ventilation and perspiration. cycling wear

Cycling apparel supplier brand.

Perhaps too much emphasis on the brand will be a little suspicious. However, at least in the purchase of cycling clothing, it is very important to choose a well-known and quality-assured brand. From domestic to foreign, there are still many brands of cycling clothing, from CCN to ZEALTOO. But still look at the word of mouth, not the price. Some have good reputation and are not expensive. Not much to say here, there is advertising suspicion.

Cycling clothing brand size.

You can't just buy clothes based on height and leg length, everyone should know that. Due to the characteristics of cycling clothing that fits the body when worn, it is obviously not feasible to choose cycling clothing just by looking at the height, but should be combined with more data such as bust circumference, waist circumference, and hip circumference. In this way, the selected cycling jersey can better fit the body and conform to your body shape.

Also, two more small points to emphasize.

One is the zipper, which is better if you don't feel it, and belongs to the category of close-fitting.

The second is the cushion of the trousers. Expensive cushions will be significantly different in fit and cushioning.

Comfort: It is especially reflected in the degree of conformity to the edges of the cycling pant pads and cuffs. Also includes fabric, breathability, and perspiration.

Fit: To achieve the purpose of wearing a jersey, fit is the most important.

Aesthetics: Buy your favorite color, design, etc. Otherwise, I don't want to wear it when I buy it!


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