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Do you have any bad habits while riding?

2022-02-07 09:51:57

1. Too fast. Many cyclists choose to pedal very fast in order to stand out from the crowd. This is actually pretty bad because it's very strenuous and still requires a steady pace for long rides. cycling wear

2. Uninterrupted. Excessive cycling can cause persistent pain, a weakened immune system, and loss of motivation. Therefore, we should master the time of cycling and rest, because rest is very important and everyone needs rest. Short breaks can keep the rider comfortable.

According to sportswear manufacturers, do you have bad cycling habits?

3. The chase is endless. There is no benefit at all in such a cycle, because such a cycle tends to ignore the health of the body, and the later suffering is one's own.

sportswear price

4. Mountain bikes. Many cyclists enjoy riding their bikes in the mountains and find it very rewarding. Not everyone is good at climbing, some people are better at riding on flat surfaces.

5. Be a quack. In general, cyclists pay more attention to their physical condition and are very cautious when they are abnormal, so they like to self-diagnose when they are abnormal. Minor injuries, such as muscles, can become serious problems if misdiagnosed

6. Energy. Never bring anything bad to your body while riding a bike and be sure to eat the right food.

7. Lack of sleep. If the sleep time is insufficient, the rider's body will be under-recovered, weakened, and slow to respond. So don't forget to get enough sleep while cycling.


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