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The role of single-product cycling clothing for bicycle riding equipment

2022-02-07 09:44:09

It is really cool to see the heroic and handsome riding postures of the cyclists riding together on the road. Do you also want to become a cyclist? It is actually very simple to become a cyclist, as long as you have enough courage and self-confidence, riding is sometimes so capricious, so what do you need to prepare if you want to become a cyclist? If you are a cycling enthusiast, quality gear will not only provide you with protection, but also make your ride smoother. If you are a cycling enthusiast with attitude, then take a look at these items of equipment for cycling~~~Bike clothes

1. Cycling helmet

A helmet is a piece of equipment for the human body. "No helmet, no riding." At this time, it is very important to choose a helmet that is both breathable and protects your head. As the old saying goes, it's easier to win a race with a clear head.

2. Cycling gloves

The rider's control of the bicycle depends largely on the kung fu. Riding gloves are particularly important. Professional cycling gloves can effectively absorb shock. Broken and severely damaged joints.

3. Outdoor cycling backpack

Cycling backpacks ordered by cycling clothing brands must first consider a scientific carrying system, loading system, fabrics, and practical design, so that you can have no worries when you are running around the world! ! !

4. Cycling lock shoes

Cycling lock shoes can improve the stability of riding and make the rider more comfortable during the riding process. If you want to "work together" with your feet to drive the pedals to rotate smoothly and smoothly, then you must have a pair of cycling shoes.

Cycling clothing brand manufacturers

5. Cycling clothes

Cycling clothing is recommended according to the current season, the best choice for the upper body, bionic breathable, thin fabrics. Riding in summer, it is best to have antibacterial and deodorizing treatment, which makes it perspiration and breathable, and does not leave odor. Like the combi cycling jersey is not bad, the fabric is comfortable and breathable, suitable for riding. Some cyclists will choose to customize cycling clothing to find their own riding style. For cycling pants, professional cycling pants should be worn for long-distance riding. Some riders buy combi cycling pants, and then wear quick-drying clothes to ride. Some people say that this kind of ride is very bad, but the most important thing in riding is happiness, how to feel comfortable.

However, many friends who have just learned about cycling still don't know much about cycling clothes and don't know why they should buy cycling clothes. Here, I will explain to you that cycling clothes are the clothing of cyclists, cycling clothes and ordinary clothes. There is a big difference between sportswear, you may be confused what the difference is, the following editor will introduce it to you in detail.

Cycling clothing fabrics have high air permeability; we all know that it is very easy to sweat during cycling. At this time, if you sweat in ordinary sportswear, it will make people feel uncomfortable when the clothes stick to the body, and it is easy to cause a cold. But cycling clothes are different. Even if you sweat, you can make the clothes dry quickly with the breathability of the fabric, so that you can be more comfortable while riding.

The warmth and windproofness of the cycling clothing; when riding in autumn and winter, the strong wind will make people feel very cold. The attack of cold wind.

Cycling clothing makes riding faster and gives you an extraordinary feeling; the special fabric of cycling clothing can reduce the wind resistance during riding, so you can enjoy flying speed when riding with cycling clothing, This is also the thrill and feeling of speed that cyclists are looking for.


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