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How to choose the right mountain bike jersey

2022-02-07 09:41:34

Sportswear Cycling clothing refers to sportswear when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. Cycling clothing can be classified in a variety of ways, which can be classified according to seasons, fabrics, styles, and production processes. Cycling clothing is divided into a narrow sense of "cycling clothing" and a broad sense of "cycling clothing". Generally, "cycling clothing" is often referred to as cycling clothing, which does not include motorcycle riding clothing; it is generally called motorcycle riding clothing. The line of clothing is either a "rider's suit" or a "racing suit". cycling wear

For mountain bikes, the role of cycling clothes is not to show off, it is the feeling that can really bring you. So this article will explain how to match cycling clothes for different riding methods, and also analyze the main points of choosing cycling clothes.

ventilation and heat dissipation

For lightweight cycling clothing, because the fabric is relatively thin, the fabric itself has the ability to breathe and dissipate heat. For heavy-duty cycling, cycling clothing will be made of thick, strong and waterproof fabrics, and ventilation and heat dissipation can only be achieved through functional design; the most common way is to directly punch holes in the fabric, and Use zippers to open and close; there is also the use of better breathable fabrics in some key parts, which is also very effective. But in any case, you need to consider this question when choosing a cycling jersey.

Cycling clothing

Cut and stitch

This is the part that everyone tends to ignore, and a riding suit is the greatest value embodiment. Taking XC riding jackets as an example, the fabric of the front chest will be reduced, while the fabric of the shoulders and back will be compensated. This design is to improve the comfort of the body in the riding position; while the waist, abdomen and hip activities such as Enduro and DH will be reduced. For a larger range of riding methods, its riding pants will have a three-dimensional cut design at the hips and waist and crotch. Whether it is by turning two-dimensional fabrics into three-dimensional shapes, or splicing and adding high-elasticity fabrics, the ultimate goal is to Keep the cycling shorts snug during the ride.

Storage function

Everyone knows the storage function, although it is a pocket, it is also very particular. The pocket in front of the crotch must be at an oblique angle. If the pocket is vertical, it will directly block the activities of the legs and crotch; the second is the side pocket, some cycling pants are designed directly on the side, which will lead to riding When the items in the pockets shake back and forth with the trousers, on the one hand, it affects the stability when riding, and on the other hand, it is easy to be touched and bumped in the event of an accident. If there are sharp objects such as keys in the pocket, the consequences are difficult to control. The more scientific method is to design the pocket on the back of the thigh, so that it will not affect the stability of the pants when riding, and this part will not be easily hit in the event of an accident.


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