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Bicycle clothing manufacturers tell you how to ride hills with less effort

2022-02-07 10:41:42

1. Lightweight body

When it came to climbing hills, we didn’t need to pedal the bike as hard as we could. The average arm requires less force. Most riders who wear cycling clothes regularly go to the gym to work their arm muscles. In fact, for climbers, they do not need too much muscle strength in the hands, feet and legs, because their climbing ability has nothing to do with the strength of the body, which mainly depends on the cardiopulmonary function. off-road wear

2. The secret to not getting tired lies in the "number of revolutions"

In the face of long-distance cycling, in order to maintain a relaxed pedaling speed, the cyclist can try to control the number of revolutions at 90 revolutions per minute. If it is too low, it will require more leg muscle strength.

3. Sitting is better than driving

When riding, if you want to save more effort, many cyclists like to get up and pump the bike to pedal. In fact, it is more labor-saving to sit on the seat cushion to pedal than to pump the bike. Because if you sit and pedal, you can maintain the balance of pedaling, and the energy can be continuously output. Only when your legs feel tired, you can move your muscles and bones if you get up and pump the car. If it is too steep, Then get up and pull the car.


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