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How to choose a cycling helmet for road riding

2022-02-07 10:40:50

1. Comfort: The comfort of wearing a helmet is mainly attributed to the individual's weight, lining, lacing, head circumference and breathability. The comfort of wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck and provide maximum protection in the event of an impact. cycling wear

2. Inner lining: The part of the inner side of the helmet in contact with the head improves wearing comfort and produces a cushioning effect when the head is hit.

3. Weight: not heavy, after all, it is something worn on the head.

4. Material: Foamed material is generally used, ordinary or high-density, the difference between the two is its anti-collision effect.

5. Function: Provide protection for the fragile head, it is the equipment of the rider. There is no replacement gear. It can prevent collision, prevent branches and leaves from hitting, prevent flying stones from hitting, divert rainwater, ventilate and increase speed. A helmet with a brim protects against sun protection, and a reflective logo on the helmet can prevent accidental collisions when riding at night.

Facing the endless stream of riders on the road, I see them wearing different styles of cycling clothes. For those who don't know much about cycling, they're saying, "Why would I wear such a formal cycling suit? Wouldn't regular clothes be okay?" That's a good question, because plain clothes, while they do provide coverage, are less effective. than cycling clothes. Cycling clothing does much more than ordinary clothing.

Cycling clothing supplier

Cycling clothing brands can provide riders with protection and protection measures when wrestling. At the same time, it can also pass the protection in the hot sun, protect the skin from damage, and will not turn black. At the same time, it can be better prepared for cold and wind protection in hot and cold weather. Cycling clothing is also different according to the design of different parts and the fabrics used. The selection of materials for this part is different. For example, the back of the hand is generally made of various materials such as breathable, sweat-absorbing, sunscreen, and cold-proof; the palm part emphasizes shock-proof, anti-skid and other functions. The design of the cycling clothing and equipment manufacturers here is thoughtful and thoughtful.


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