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Cycling clothing customization tells you whether you need cycling clothing

2022-02-07 10:38:24

If you want to do cycling clothing wholesale or cycling clothing, instead of going to the wholesale market, you should contact the manufacturer directly and it is cheap to buy. Manufacturers' clothing varies according to quality and grade. Winter cycling clothing is more expensive than summer, why? Because the fabric of winter clothing is thicker, it needs to have a cold-proof effect, the cost increases, and the price is also very high. When buying cycling clothes and cycling clothes, they should be purchased together with the manufacturer, and cannot be purchased at the wholesale market. cycling wear

The wholesale market price of bicycle riding clothes and bicycle services is definitely more expensive than that of bicycle riding clothes factory direct sales. Choose a sincere manufacturer, buy the most affordable clothes, do your own quality and reputation, and the business will be more and more popular. welcome.

1. Maybe you don't feel it when you ride a short distance, but if you really go for more than 20 kilometers, except for the iron and the rocker to continue riding, otherwise, the crotch will wear off a layer of skin! It was at this time that the cushion on the trousers of the cycling suit solved our long-distance riding worries.

bike jersey price

2. What's wrong with the bright colors of the cycling clothes? Can't I wear cycling clothes if I'm not an athlete? Cycling is primarily about freedom, enjoying nature, and you don’t have to care about other people’s evaluations;

3. The tight-fitting cycling jersey can make me more relaxed and comfortable when riding, and the cycling jersey with good fabric will be more breathable and sweat-absorbing;


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