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Cycling clothing manufacturers introduce cycling clothing

2022-02-07 10:34:45

1. Thick fleece jersey: there is fluff inside, which is the thickest cycling jersey fabric. It is bulky to wear, with little elasticity, but the edge performance is the best. Motorcycle clothing processing

2. Thin fleece jersey: There is fluff inside, and the structure is the same as the thick fleece jersey, but the wool is slightly shorter, and the fabric is thinner than the thick fleece fabric, but it has good elasticity. Next to thermal performance, wearing and riding can provide enough warmth while feeling lighter and more comfortable.

3. Thick mesh jersey: Considering more breathable performance, this is a watershed for jersey fabrics. Thick mesh fabrics are already inherently different from wool fabrics. Thick mesh fabrics have no naps, so they have better elasticity than thin wool fabrics, but slightly worse edge properties than thin wool fabrics. Bike jerseys are reasonably priced.

4. Thin mesh jersey: The fabric is thinner, more elastic, and more breathable, taking into account the quick-drying and sexual performance to the greatest extent;

5. Bicycle clothing made of plaid: It belongs to the same period as thin mesh, and its thermal insulation performance is between thick mesh and thin mesh.

Features of cycling clothing

Road cycling clothing can help riders reduce wind resistance during riding, but the main function of this tights is to restrain muscles and assist in perspiration. The fabrics of road cycling clothes are mostly special fabrics, which can transport the sweat on the surface of the body to the surface of the clothes through the clothing fibers, and quickly evaporate while riding to achieve the purpose of perspiration and dry riding. In order to achieve this perspiration method, It is completely irreplaceable for quick-drying clothes, and it is also the main reason why most of the cycling clothes are very expensive.


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