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Cycling clothing manufacturers tell you: riding method is very important

2022-02-07 10:09:21

1. Proper riding posture

The upper body is stretched forward, the top of the head is slightly tilted forward, looking straight ahead, the arms are naturally bent, the hands are lightly and strongly clenched the handlebars, the abdomen is bowed, and the feet are in a vertical circular pedaling position. Prevent the legs from swaying, and distribute the rest weight more evenly on the feet and hands. Motorcycle clothing processing

2. Develop good pedaling habits

Cycling clothing manufacturers introduced that many people habitually touch the pedals with the soles of their feet, which is a very bad habit during the whole process of long-distance riding. The proper way to pedal should be to pedal with the forefoot. However, when riding for a long time, it is very easy to cause fatigue in one posture, and the same is true for legs and feet, so it is necessary to change the method of pedaling frequently.

There are three key pedaling methods used by cyclists:

Skiing Skills Pedaling, Heel Down Pedaling, Heel Down Pedaling. Among them, the most widely used is the pedaling method of skiing skills. The key point of this type of pedaling is to touch the pedal with the forefoot. The angle of view between the knee joint and the calf varies with the position of the foot. The direction of the force is consistent with the broken line on the circle generated by the rotation of the foot. . Its advantage is that the posture strength of the kneecap and the root of the thigh is reduced, and the muscles of the whole body can be relatively relieved.

3. Riding method for starting uphill

In general, short slopes should be carried out by accelerating the use of inertial force to rush up. On long slopes or slopes, you should switch to different gears to maintain the pedaling frequency and range of riding.

Cycling clothing supplier describes the riding method for uphill starts. The key is for long slopes and slopes. When going up the slope, the rider's center of gravity should be shifted, maintaining a pedaling posture at an even speed, changing gears moderately, and not suddenly exerting force without interruption or getting off the bike casually. Chances of shifting gears depend on incline and speed. There are two criteria for grasping the opportunity to shift gears. One is to maintain a balanced pedaling range for Meituan riders. The other is to shift the opportunity a little earlier, and not to shift gears until the ride is not moving and the speed is relatively low. , otherwise, you will not be able to finish the shifting posture and have to get out of the car. The steeper the incline, the lower the gear should be. In addition, the front, rear, left and right vehicles do not follow too closely, which is very prone to accidents due to the avoidance of swaying when starting uphill.

Cycling clothing supplier

4. How to ride downhill

Downhill performance is lower, so one rule on downhill is security. In order to better ensure certainty, the focus should be moved back first, and the following aspects should be done well:

Carefully and carefully before going downhill, especially the brake pedal, keep it nimble and reliable;

Maintain the speed within the controllable range of Meituan riders;

When the brake pedal is used, the rear brake is the main choice, and the front and rear left and right brakes are used separately, but the opportunity to apply the front brake is behind the rear brake, preventing the independent application of the front brake and the emergency brake;

Looking at the front at least 30 meters, the energy is concentrated, do not look left and right, and find the situation to slow down early, such as when the ground tone changes, you should pay attention;

Accrding to the turning, the human body and the car should be maintained on a plane or a parallel line, and the human and the car should be inclined to the inside of the turn to get rid of the centripetal force. Generally, it does not exceed 28°, and there is no turning on high-speed driving, preferably not high-speed driving when going downhill;

Cycling clothing manufacturers should maintain a large distance between the rear of the car and the car in front (not less than 30 meters) to prevent the car in front from harming the field of vision, and an accident may occur if the brake pedal is not in time for a sudden situation;

If the slope is too long or too steep, take a break and check the car when getting off the car, get off the car, reduce the speed as much as possible, lean back, and ensure the balance of the human body when parking.


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